Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Cabinet Refacing?

Unlike an entire cabinet remodel, cabinet refacing leaves, intact, the original structure of the cabinet box. The full process includes replacing all old cabinet doors, hinges, drawer fronts, and mouldings as well as covering the exterior boxes with ¼ inch of wood skin. During this part of the process, some spaces in the cabinet box can be modified to add shelves or drawers. Cabinet refacing will cut down the cost dramatically, especially if you enjoy your kitchen layout.

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Should I just get all new cabinets?

A full cabinetry remodel can cost up to 50% more than refacing cabinet doors alone. What makes a full remodel more expensive are the costs of replacing the floor, rewiring electrical connections, countertops, painting, and other possible unforeseen obstacles as you change the layout. Cabinet refacing is the better choice if you already enjoy the layout of your kitchen and just want to create your dream cooking space, mantle, master bath, or other custom cabinetry.

How long does it take to complete a cabinet refacing project?

It typically takes 3 to 5 days to complete most projects.

How does the cabinet refacing process work?

Once we send you a bid, we will help you choose your new cabinet doors style, wood species, and color. We will take measurements of your cabinets and send in a custom order, tailor-made to your project to our manufacturing facility. After the order is completed, your new cabinet doors will be installed into your kitchen or bathroom.

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What materials are the cabinet doors made of?

All of our cabinet doors are made out of solid wood, in a variety of wood species, colors, and cabinet faces. Custom Cabinet Renewal never uses anything less than solid wood.

How many colors can I choose from?

There are over 35 colors with the proprietary finish system and other finishes you can chose from. Custom Cabinet Renewal never uses paint as a finish as they do not last as long.

How are the new sides applied?

Custom Cabinet Renewal manufactures ¼ inch wood facing material for the cabinet boxes to match the color and style of the doors. The materials are secured with a wood glue and pin nails to ensure that your finished look is beautiful and built to last.

Do you ever use veneers on the exterior of the cabinets?

No. Custom Cabinet Renewal never uses veneers as they tend to chip and bubble over time. Cabinet boxes are refaced only with the ¼ inch wood facing material to last longer.

What is a corbel?

A corbel is a decorative wall bracket designed to support a countertop overhang or a shelf.

What is a distressed look?

A distressed look is a popular trend that gives an object an antiqued or rugged look, which can be applied to cabinets.

How long will the refaced cabinets last?

Refaced cabinets will last decades with proper care and use. We strive for quality for the doors, hardware, drawers, and in-house manufacturing. Custom Cabinet Renewal sets high quality standards and makes sure every finished product meets them. Each products also comes with Custom Cabinet Renewal’s 5-year warranty.

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How much does it cost?

Each kitchen or bathroom project is unique and will have their own estimates. It’s best to contact us for an in-home estimate of your project before you start. Check out our Custom Cabinet Renewal contact form below.