What is Cabinet Refacing?

Custom Cabinet Renewal in Seattle offers cabinet refacing, which is a swift and cost-effective way to upgrade the look of your kitchen and bathroom cabinets. It saves you thousands of dollars by only refacing the cabinet doors, drawer faces, and mouldings instead of completely replacing all of the cabinetry. Refacing is the most effective way to upgrade when you are pleased with the kitchen’s current layout but would like to change the aesthetics of your cabinets. Cabinet refacing increases home value while saving you money.

The first step of the Custom Cabinet Renewal refacing process is sending a design consultant to your home. Your designer, after reviewing your cabinets and your ideas, will help you explore the available options. After selecting a wood type, door face style, and finish, our trained refacing teams will set to work on your vision. In this part of the process, your old cabinet doors, drawer fronts, mouldings, and hinges will be replaced and the exterior boxes will be covered with a matching ¼ inch wood skin.

Quick Turnaround

After the refacing process is rolling, our professional installation team removes only the old cabinet doors and their hinges, eliminating the mess of tearing apart your entire cabinetry. The dealer’s team replaces them with new doors and drawer faces based exactly on your planning phase specifications, creating your new, one-of-a-kind bathroom or kitchen. Custom Cabinet Renewal performs all hand work on your cabinetry.

The only part of your cabinets that are refaced in your home are the exterior cabinet boxes. This reduces the mess and allows you to still function in your bathroom or kitchen throughout the entire refacing process.

Before and After Gallery

Custom Cabinet Renewal Transformation’s Before and After photos taken on site.
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Are you thinking about remodeling your current cabinets?


Are you preparing to sell your house or thinking about having renters? Did you recently purchase an older home and found that the kitchen cabinets to not be as appealing? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we have some tips for you. Refacing your cabinets increases your home value and saves you money without the hassle of remodeling the entire cabinetry. Cabinet boxes are the only part of the cabinets that are refaced in your home. This reduces the mess and allows you to still function within your kitchen or bathroom throughout the refacing process.